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Sickness and Nausea Support

Pregnancy Sickness Support resources and peer support

Helios homeopathic remedies prescriptions and advice

Pelvic and Back Pain Support

Pelvic Partnership - Information about best practice for the treatment and management of pregnancy-related PGP

Helen Harding Chiropractor

Birth Preparation

Debra Betts downloadable booklets on acupressure for nausea and vomiting, and labour and birth

Dr Sara Wickham information about induction of labour

Spinning babies

Information about encouraging your baby to lie in a good position for birth


Pregnancy Yoga

Mummy Yoga


Shine bright yoga


Jemma White


Donna McPartland


Mama Magic - Kat


Melanie English


Nikki Mather

Antenatal Education and Hypnobirthing

Lindy Davies

​Dr Sara Wickham

Erin Fung

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