Breech Moxibustion

During pregnancy your baby may lie in a breech presentation.  This means your baby's bottom, legs or feet rather than their head sit in your pelvis.  Towards the end of pregnancy most babies are usually lying in a head down (cephalic) position, allowing for a more straightforward birth. About 3% of babies remain in a breech position at the end of pregnancy, however, when a baby is born bottom first there is a greater chance of complications occurring.  There are techniques available to encourage your baby to turn to a head down position ready for labour.  I can help you explore and discuss the options available, and when safe to do so, I can provide you with the equipment and teach you to use moxibustion (a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique for turning a breech baby).  Research suggests that the use of moxibustion for a breech presentation increases the chances of your baby turning from 50%-75%.  Breech moxibustion sessions are suitable from 34 weeks pregnant and are available with a reflexology treatment to help aid relaxation, balance hormones and align your musculoskeletal system.