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Breech Moxibustion


During pregnancy, it is possible for your baby to be positioned in what is known as a breech presentation, where their bottom, legs, or feet rest in your pelvis instead of their head. Typically, as pregnancy progresses, most babies naturally turn to a head-down (cephalic) position, which is ideal for a smoother delivery. However, in about 3% of pregnancies, the baby remains in a breech position which can increase the chance of complications during childbirth.

The good news is that there are techniques available to encourage your baby to turn into the preferred head-down position in preparation for labour. I can guide you through the options and, when it's safe, provide you with the necessary equipment and instructions to undertake moxibustion, a Traditional Chinese Medicine method used to help turn a breech baby. Research indicates that moxibustion can increase the chances of your baby turning from 50% to 75%.

Breech moxibustion sessions are suitable from around 34 weeks, and can be combined with a reflexology treatment, which not only aids relaxation but also helps balance hormones and align your musculoskeletal system. This combined approach is designed to support your well-being as you prepare for labour and optimise the chances of an uncomplicated birth.

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