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The effects of a complementary therapy treatment are different for each person.

Some people feel very relaxed, others can feel energised. 


A treatment may produce one or more of the following:

•              a worsening of your symptoms for a short period

•              feeling extremely relaxed

•              feeling hot or cold

•              increased energy

•              increased bodily secretions, urination, defecation, runny nose, sweating

•              feeling emotional or upset

•              a headache

•              increased thirst

To help counteract these symptoms, try to rest after the treatment and avoid strenuous activity. Drink plenty of water for the rest of the day to help hydrate and reduce the possibility of headaches.  Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and other stimulants.


If you have had an acupuncture treatment you need to be aware that although infection is very unlikely, the signs may include redness and/or swelling around the acupuncture site, pain and/or fever. Should this become apparent please consult your GP or local A&E Department.

Drowsiness occurs after acupuncture and reflexology in a small number of clients, and if affected, you are advised not to drive.

If you have had an aromatherapy treatment, try not to bathe or shower for 8-12 hours afterwards to allow the essential oils to work. If you notice any skin reaction, wash the oils off immediately; if it does not settle contact the hospital where you are booked.

If any of the essential oil blend is left over from your treatment you may be given the remaining blend to take home with you (if clinically appropriate).

  • Do not drink or apply internally

  • Do not use your own essential oils or add anything to the blend

  • Store the blend in a cool dark place

  • Do not use after expiry date

  • Keep away from children, pets and naked flames

  • Do not use essential oils in the bath after your waters have broken

  • You must not use essential oils in the presence of others who have major medical disorders such as heart disease or epilepsy, or those who are pregnant



Massage: pour a capful of blended essential oils into the hands of the person performing the massage and apply the oil to the desired part of the body

Inhalation:  pour a few drops of blended essential oil onto a cotton handkerchief or cotton wool ball and inhale at leisure. 

Bath: mix a capful on blended essential oil with full fat milk and add to the bath. Swish the water to disperse the oil

Compress:  apply blended oil to the affected area.  Place a warm flannel on the area and cover with a dry towel.


If you are pregnant and your baby’s movements are less than what is normal for you, please contact the hospital where you are booked.

Contractions may start following a treatment to encourage labour to start, this is normal. Please follow the information given by your midwife as to what to do when your contractions start. If you think you are having contractions before you are 37 weeks pregnant, please contact the hospital where you are booked. If you think your waters have broken or have any vaginal bleeding, please contact the hospital where you are booked.


Thank you for choosing to visit Mother Nurture

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