Pregnancy massage


​Aromatherapy is a part of herbal medicine in which highly concentrated essential oils are extracted from plants and used for therapeutic purposes. The oils have a pharmacological action and work in a similar way to medicines.


Aromatherapy can help to

  • Encourage physical and mental relaxation

  • Enhance mood

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and tension

  • Aid rest and sleep

  • Soothe physical discomforts like carpal tunnel, backache, sciatica and pelvic girdle pain

  • Release muscle tension

  • Improve circulation and help remove toxins from the body

  • Reduce swelling of the hands, feet and ankles

  • Help labour to start

Pregnancy Massage

Massage is a great way to unwind and enjoy some relaxation time whilst helping to relieve any discomfort you may be experiencing. Pregnancy massage is available at Beehive Healthcare in Chester on Tuesday evenings.

Personalised Essential Oil Blend

Relax and soothe your body with a bespoke selection of essential oils blended specifically to suit your needs